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welcoming new partners

welcoming new partners

We are thrilled to announce that we have promoted 2 new Partners at HAVEN. 

Congratulations to Corona Pritchard and Jennifer (Jen) Wignarajah!

Their unique skill sets, dedication, and vision align perfectly with HAVEN’s values, and we are excited for them to advance our client capabilities.  

About Corona

Corona leads our Human Resources Advisory practice and is known for her ability to cut through complexity to find functional solutions. She brings a combination of operational leadership experience and broad, large-scale talent management and organization development expertise. 

Corona’s Thoughts

“Originally, I joined HAVEN because I had been a customer and knew the quality and integrity of the firm. Since then, I have been able to do the best work of my career and witnessed incredible work happening around me. The colleagues and Partners here are incredibly generous with their time, talents, and expertise and I am inspired every day.” 

Strongest HAVEN Value Alignment

Create Spark -> our highest impact at HAVEN is in cultivating other people’s genius.

Never one to stand center stage, Corona is masterful at seeing and unlocking potential in organizations and people.

About Jen

Jen is a leadership advisor who is continuously recognized for her ability to think beyond traditional approaches. With prior experience as a leadership and organizational effectiveness consultant and as an in-house talent leader, Jen integrates organizational strategy, people, and culture in her teaching and content to create lasting behavior change.

Jen’s Thoughts

“The way I see it, we all benefit from multiple points of expertise that are complementary yet thoughtfully shaped from the creative abrasion that can only come from working alongside others. There’s excitement in asking, ‘…and what else?’  Doing that alone is good. But doing it at HAVEN, with others dedicated to igniting performance, is even more powerful.”

Strongest HAVEN Value Alignment

Keep Tinkering -> Nothing great happens when held back by the status quo.

Clients who have worked with Jen for years know that she continuously innovates to ensure that our delivery is cutting-edge, well-designed, and well-received.

At HAVEN, each of us made the choice to step away from our corporate roles and embark on an entrepreneurial journey. What sets this firm apart is that all 35 of us can now pursue our individual passions together. And we couldn’t be happier to welcome Corona and Jen into our Partner ranks knowing they’ll expand the laughter, growth, and joy in our community.


Jen Marchi, Ben Olds, and Aimee Horowitz

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