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Running good meetings

Running good meetings

Some of you are gleefully beginning to schedule some in-person meetings. Of course, we are beyond excited for this development too. And we believe nothing replaces the value of a productive meeting among colleagues—be it virtual or in-person. We only want to offer the caution not to waste this transitory moment to confirm that meetings on our calendars are worthy of our time.

During one of our team coaching engagements, a client created a simple 4R checklist to help them keep their meetings in check that you might find helpful.

  1. Right topic: Does this topic require discussion or debate?
  2. Right time: Do we need agreement on a decision now?
  3. Right people: Are the right people “in the room” to progress on it?
  4. Right info: Do we have the data needed to productively discuss this?  

We hope this helps you too!

As always, reach out if we can be helpful to you as you continue on the path of igniting exceptional performance at your company.

The HAVEN Team