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Timely refresher about navigating difficult conversations

Timely refresher about navigating difficult conversations

When we facilitate leadership development programs, no HAVEN workshop is as popular as our Navigating Difficult Conversations workshops. So, we wanted to alert you to a recent HBR article, “Managing a Polarized Workforce,” that beautifully dovetails with our methodology and offers tips and consideration of context that are so essential when welcoming diverse perspectives. 

 Our favorite part? 

The “triangle” framework that is all about asking good questions, listening intently, and then paraphrasing back what you heard to ensure you got it right and the other party feels heard.

 At HAVEN, as you may recall, we add in the step of advocating for your point of view but only after you’ve made the other party feel heard and understood.

 Enjoy the read. We’d welcome discussion of your reactions and insights!

 We hope this helps!

As always, reach out if we can be helpful to you as you continue on the path of igniting exceptional performance at your company.

The HAVEN Team