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Should we dare less greatly?

Should we dare less greatly?

For some years now, we have venerated being vulnerable, bringing our whole selves to work, and being authentic in our leadership. And for many of us who grew up in more sterile environments, in which we were taught things like: politics don’t belong at work, leave your family at the door, and how to be a one-minute manager, the shift was welcome. (To say nothing of how the pandemic forced us all to blur the lines between home and work – whether welcomed or not).

But reading articles like this one about the CEO who posted himself crying while laying people off makes us wonder if something got lost in translation. For sure, the principles are sound and empirically grounded but the application, perhaps, could be fine-tuned.

What can you do? Dare greatly and smartly

  1. Timing: Sharing thoughts and feelings creates connection but the right timing is essential so as not to overwhelm, drown out, or reduce confidence in leadership.
  2. Tone: A leader who speaks from the heart, demonstrates humility, and acknowledges their journey can inspire us. But tone is essential so as not to unintentionally exclude, rattle, or disappoint our followers.
  3. Frequency: We respond to leaders who are human, empathic, and real.Yet when leaders share too often, they may leave little room for others or distract from the focus of work together.

All that to say, we remain inspired by leaders that dare greatly yet hope that each of you are intentional in your chosen arenas.

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