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Do you want to have better feedback discussions?

Do you want to have better feedback discussions?

Many of you have already spent time with HAVEN learning skills and approaches to improve the outcomes of challenging discussions.

But delivering the feedback is only half of the equation.

Colleagues need to be able to absorb it as well.  

To help, we have created an asynchronous course on receiving and acting upon feedback.

How can this course help improve your discussions?

  • People who take this course tend to be less defensive and more curious about the feedback they are offered.*
  • Managers whose employees attend this course report* that their discussions are less contentious and that they are more confident their intended message was received and will be acted upon.

*Data collected from 300 HAVEN training participants in 2020 and 2021

Please see the attached flyer for more details on the course or check out the first segment of the course here.

We hope this helps!

The HAVEN team