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One equation you need to know

One equation you need to know

We aren’t all mathematicians, but there is one equation we should all know.

Satisfaction = performance – expectations

In any given situation, your satisfaction is derived from the performance (yours or others) against your expectations.

Simple enough but the power of this equation is in its application.

Meaning . . .

  • If you take on a new role with an expectation that your work will be an A+ but it ends up as a B+, you may feel unsatisfied. Perhaps you feel disappointment in yourself, look to blame others, or want to return to the work you did before at the A+ level. But the issue may not be your performance; in fact, B+ may be terrific for someone who has never done it before. The issue could be that your expectations were off, and those you can reset!
  • If your direct report wants you to stay more involved in their work than you’d like, even after you have given them direction, you have choices to make. For example, you can try new approaches with them, you can get outside support for them, or you switch them to a role for which they are better suited.

Bottom line

If you aren’t happy with how things are going, then it’s worth identifying its root cause(s) to figure out what can change and what needs to accepted.

Think of it as a business application of the serenity prayer.

We hope this helps!

As always, reach out if we can be helpful to you as you continue on the path of igniting exceptional performance at your company.

The HAVEN Team