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The power of language

The power of language

Most of the time, we assume that language only helps us to relay our conclusions, thoughts, or feelings. But what if we told you that our language can also make meaning for us rather than act as mere antecedents to our thoughts and feelings?

It’s true.

Our language directly impacts our experience of the world—see here if you want to learn more. And each of us can use this to our advantage! Read on for some of our favorite turns of phrase that can be your turns of mood!  

Language that Improves Your Mood

  • When you find yourself in a rough patch, try using this helpful reframe (adapted from James Clear), “I’m not failing, I’m in the middle of succeeding.”
  • When you are experiencing the scary Sundays, try saying, “I get to go to work tomorrow” instead of “I have to go work tomorrow.”
  • When you are frustrated with someone, refrain from saying, “They made me angry.”  Instead, ask yourself, “how do I want to feel right now?” to regain control.
  • And when you are disappointed with yourself, try Kyle Cease’s recommendation of adding the phrase “and I love that” to move toward acceptance; such as, “I didn’t meet the deadline, and I love that because I put family first and the world didn’t end.”

Have a different favorite? Tell us!

What phrases helps you get through the day, change your mood, or see things from a different angle?

We hope this helps!

As always, reach out if we can be helpful to you as you continue on the path of igniting exceptional performance at your company.

The HAVEN Team