MJ Sierra

MJ Sierra, PhD

scientist-practitioner | high-stakes problem-solver | mom to a night owl | applied humorist | jazz enthusiast | classic movie buff | student of history | aspiring coastal cruiser

Current: Assessing leaders, teams, and organizations to identify key strengths and critical challenges. Designing data-driven, evidence-based, innovative strategies for enhancing leader, team, and organizational effectiveness. Adhering to a policy of complete authenticity to unearth true root causes and devise simple targeted solutions that deliver maximum value. Applying human-centered design principles and research-based best practices to all initiatives. Injecting fun into serious situations whenever possible.

Past: Focused my research and applied work on the assessment and development of leaders and teams operating in high-stakes environments. Helped develop strategies to prepare long-duration spaceflight crews for future Mars missions. Studied the positive impact of humor on team well-being and performance. Proved myself to be mediocre at best when it came to all attempted hobbies.

Future: Will live aboard a sailboat in a faraway port, work a lemon grove on the Mediterranean coast, and never miss another artichoke festival as long as I live.