Elizabeth Volpe, PhD

lifelong learner | frequent list-maker | mom of boys (both human and furry) | Steelers fan married to a New England native | self-help book enthusiast | tennis player | aspiring early AM exerciser

Current: Management educator passionate about supporting people in organizations through education and coaching. Focus on translating evidence-based management theory into actionable recommendations that foster organizational effectiveness. Help individuals develop the interpersonal skills needed to become confident, capable, and engaged organization members. Channel enthusiasm for learning through nonprofit work focused on cultivating and funding innovative educational initiatives.

Past: Spent over twenty years in academia earning a PhD in organization studies and climbing the ranks as a tenured business school professor. Logged thousands of classroom hours teaching in the areas of human resource management, organizational behavior, negotiations, and women’s leadership. Coached students on academic pursuits and career development, while emphasizing they didn’t need to have it all figured out. Published and prFesented research in the areas of women’s work and career choices, issues surrounding the work-life interface, and relationships in organizations. Served on college and university-wide committees focused on hiring new faculty, tenure and promotion, curriculum development, and creating women’s leadership initiatives. Pre-academia, started my career in hospitality, which instilled the importance of quality service and cultivating long-lasting client relationships.

Future: Will live near the water in the summer, travel with my husband, enjoy spending time with my grown kids while having deep conversations about things other than Minecraft, and finally commit to a daily yoga, journaling, and meditation practice.