Lakshmi Balachandra, PhD

researcher | teacher of all ages | endlessly curious about science and discovery | infertility survivor (conqueror) | justice and equity fighter | dog dreamer | retired comic

Current: Helping leaders to experience and reflect on how to grow and improve while learning about themselves in the workplace. Building comfortable environments that encourage candid conversations about who they are and what they need to do. Recognizing how research can inform and be integrated in the learning journey, particularly in resolving disparities in race, gender, power, and privilege.

Past: Tenured professor of entrepreneurship, ran for and elected to town select board (1/5 of a mayor), taught execs/MBAs/undergrads worldwide, organizational behavior + decision-making PhD researcher, venture capital investor, retail—toy store—entrepreneur, and professional comic.

Future: Will finish my book. Will finish my photo albums. Will finish my research papers. Will visit every US state (one to go!). Will visit every country. Will find a way to finish this endless list!