Success Stories

Leadership Development Programs

The Brief

A multi-billion dollar software company with a culture of promoting from within realized that their managers lacked experience and had never received formal training.

Through a routine employee survey, the HR business partner learned that more than 50% of employees hadn’t received feedback in more than a year, and that 30% of the employees said they were surprised by negative feedback. Furthermore, employees did not feel they were coached or mentored often enough (if at all) and said they didn’t know if advancement opportunities were available to them at the company.

Approach and Results

HAVEN was chosen as a partner because we were able to move quickly to propose a targeted program that could equip the engineering managers and because the facilitation team had extensive experience teaching leaders and managers in technical environments.

Our team launched a 4 module mentoring and development program to more than 100 managers within 4 weeks of the initial discussion. The program included workshops, learning labs, and small-group coaching (case groups) in four areas: productive conversations, feedback, coaching, and development.


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