Success Stories
HR Advisory Client

HR Advisory Client


An 11-person R&D company in Cambridge had just gone through a major restructuring that included a layoff of 60% of the workforce. They were managing cash carefully as they aimed to turn the company’s performance around. The new CEO, appointed just before the restructuring, announced that talent would be the differentiator if they were to succeed.
A board member recommended that HAVEN partner with the CEO to bring his vision to life.

Haven Approach

HAVEN focused on implementing key strategies that fit the culture and drove performance without distracting the team from the scientific progress required to maintain their funding.
HAVEN tackled key initiatives such as:

  • designing and embedding goal-setting and key results into the annual planning process,
  • designing a light performance management process, and
  • advising managers on delivering candid and timely feedback to employees.

The results were significant. The executives and scientists achieved unprecedented results in the lab. They acquired another company and raised an additional $80M.

At 90 employees, the organization has just hired its first HR leader and will continue to engage HAVEN with key coaching engagements and manager development programs.


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