Success Stories

Executive Coaching Client


Tony never missed a deadline. He was revered for his willingness to walk through and was relied on to get the job done. But the cost of that delivery was high – others in the organization often felt disrespected, demotivated, and burnt out when working with him. Tony’s career advancement stalled as his relationships across the organization suffered.


Tony and his coach started by examining what makes him so effective on delivery. Why was he able to succeed where others couldn’t? And which of those attributes could be recalibrated to achieve better relationship results without compromising on the critical task results? The coach collected 360 feedback to understand his current impact, others’ perceptions and requested actions. From there, Tony used his coach as a thought partner to identify specific behaviors that might achieve better relationship results. Tony and his coach explored what needed to shift in Tony’s mindset to enable these shifts in behavior, and then designed experiments for him to run and iterate on. Over time, Tony become more comfortable with this new pattern, to the point where it started to feel like his natural default.


In Tony’s follow-up 360, respondents consistently reported improvement in their ability to work with Tony, indeed some even reporting that it’s become enjoyable. They started to request him on their collaborations because it didn’t also come with major drawbacks for them. Tony was promoted 6-months later, and continues to check in with his constituents on a bi-annual basis to ensure he’s balancing both task and relationship results regularly.


Don’t Settle for Good, 

Be Exceptional.