Marvita Franklin

adoptive mom | dirt therapy enthusiast | live jazz concert lover | hiker | edtech junkie | one-time F-15 co-pilot | sushi eater | lifetime seamstress | singer | scrabble® connoisseur

Current: Comes alongside leaders to reveal the talent they already possess. Builds capacity in leaders through self-awareness, expanding perspectives, and tough decision-making. Advocate for championing goals and personal breakthrough. Evocative question-asker. If you don’t feel like pushing back a bit, I may not be working hard enough.

Past: Former Director of Education for a professional military education center who cultivated leadership development in non-commissioned officers. Airfield manager for a forward operating base in the Middle East in support of multi-national military operations. Coached military recruiters to leverage mental toughness and resilience to improve their performance under pressure. Project manager for internal and external talent development in support of human services leaders working in child protection and adult advocacy.

Future: Will travel the world between teaching workshops for the middle school and high school students who want to learn to sew—because it’s my jam!