Mark Zumwalt

wonderer | wanderer | urban cyclist

Current: Supporting leaders and teams in digging deep in learning and stretching into growth. Passionate about human interaction—communication, collaboration, finding a shared purpose, engaging in healthy conflict . . . and in all the ways we try yet fail to do so. Drawn to helping people create trust, safety, connection, and shared purpose and helping them build their skills at the messy, uncomfortable parts of leading and teaming.

Past: Years of experience learning lessons the hard way, including leading people, teams, and projects within matrixed, multinational organizations. My experience in leading change across organizations has shaped how I understand leadership and teams, and it informs my coaching today. In addition to career experience, I integrate real-life experience in counseling, alternative dispute resolution, and nonprofit board service to shape my coaching approach.

Future: Will be a connoisseur of color, fresh air, doing new things poorly, and getting lost.