Anna McKeown

plant lover | throw pillow addict | wanna be charcuterie board expert | girl mom | to-do list lover | minnesotan by marriage | weekend warrior | sour patch kid junkie | après ski expert

Current: Support HAVEN’s operations and administration to maximize workflow, streamline processes, and enable the best work experience for the team.

Past: Career public servant who led multimillion-dollar Recreation Departments. Coached and motivated staff teams who fostered healthy and sustainable communities through the promotion of wellness and play. Passionately cultivated inclusive recreation opportunities for people with disabilities, curated regionally and nationally renowned camps and programs, and strategically combated challenges in the parks and recreation industry.

Future: Will go on endless road trips with my family to explore the National Parks. Will watch a baseball game at every major league baseball stadium. Will seek out world-class Tex-Mex food.