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Executive and Leadership Team coach | agilist | author | catamaran skipper | lover of travel | wife to a renaissance man | mom to a daughter, dog, chickens and guinea pigs | seeker of blue water and sand | avid book collector

Current: Helping leaders and teams grow communicative competence so that they can change the nature of the discourse. Coaches executives and leadership teams in becoming more aware of the patterns that get in the way of the business outcomes they desire. Offers observations and inquiries about the undiscussable topics in the room in a non-judgmental and supportive manner. Believes in the power of transforming the way people speak with one another as the doorway into creating the change they desire for themselves and their organization. Develops others to lead powerful and productive conversations by learning the skills of facilitation and team coaching. 

Past: Trained in software engineering and decision support systems, held management and leadership roles in a .dot com startup, learned the power of understanding group dynamics and facilitation and found my way to the human side of leadership and change – which changed my life and career path. Developed an insatiable need to collect books (it’s still a serious problem).

Future: Will continue to check off bucket list items while living near a body of blue water and if my husband has his choice it will be ‘off grid’ and near the mountains.


Curator of talent | mom & wife to nerdy humans and a quirky canine |  avid baker | animal lover | wannabe runner 

Current: Guiding hiring managers through customized, thoughtful, human-centric recruiting processes with an eye toward building diverse teams poised for innovation. Compassionately assisting people in their quest for professional happiness.

Past: Balanced accounts in the hundreds of millions for a large financial institution, spearheaded marketing campaigns for hiring during the dot-com era, spent dozens of hours decorating cookies while my family slept to create beautiful, edible pieces of art, followed in my mentor’s footsteps as a loved and hated management consultant staffer.

Future: Will live on a farm in Vermont where I’ll spend my days baking and caring for rescue animals.

Laura Coleman

Executive Leadership Coach | relationship observer | people enthusiast | dumpling & kimchi fanatic | bass-filled lake seeker | wife of neighborhood rink-master | planner 

Current: Analyzing and transforming the relationships critical to our success. Helping leaders navigate difference of all kinds, adapt to changing circumstances, and build the relationships necessary to do all of the above.

Past: Raised millions of campaign dollars. Helped scale a pioneering venture philanthropy firm. Coached world-class social entrepreneurs and leadership teams, and developed future leaders as head of Leadership and Team Development for a national nonprofit.

Future: Food-seeking world travel followed by summers of sunrise fishing and breakfast-making on Squam Lake.


Solution focused listener | proud Canuck | Mom to left wing (non-political statement) hockey player and budding theater performer |nature enthusiast | speed averse cyclist | experimental cook | sangria aficionado


Current: helping biotech build People strategy and infrastructure, coaching leadership teams to become the best version of them, without adding extra HR headcount until they really need to. Learning how to raise adults (kids already know how to be kids..), and trying to stay alive on the slopes to keep up with them.

Past: Ran HR for global Regulatory Affairs teams in 60 countries; Assessed talent at power plants in North Africa and Asia; HR business partner to 900 unionized nurses; coached senior citizens on how to prepare for job interviews; sold foreign currency on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, Canada’s capital; earned first cooking stripes at seafood dive at age 13.

Future: Cheer enthusiastically at NHL games for my son the next Sidney Crosby, or at NYC theatre performances for my daughter, sell dream vacation homes in Vermont, cultivate garden and patience there, part-time lobster fisherwoman in Nova Scotia.


Inquisitive educator | honest feedback provider | creative curriculum designer | mom to eye-rolling teen-aged boys | trail runner | aspiring yogi | dog dreamer


Current: Inspiring emerging and experienced leaders to take risks and achieve their full potential through interactive classroom and focused coaching sessions. Listening candidly, questioning assumptions, and illuminating blind spots to help people discover their authentic leadership styles. Balancing b-school theory with real-world application to keep training engaging, relevant, and fun.

Past: Honed mediation and conflict resolution skills working with international students and host families. Developed management training programs to enlighten emerging managers and found a passion for leadership development. Shook up the status quo by making rafting trips into leadership adventures. Found the confluence of leadership and learning at Harvard. Former HBS research wonk. Retired Boston Marathoner. Non-profit founder.

Future: Will live on the rugged coast of Maine, write novels, travel the world, and will finally learn how to compost!


Executive leadership coach | success and fulfillment maximizer | believer in human potential | slightly rebellious second-generation Indian | wife of rockstar wannabe | mom of jedi wannabe | master pancake maker | experienced meditator | mediocre tennis player


Current: Passionate about helping leaders maximize both success and fulfillment through thought-provoking questions for transformative growth. Deeply curious about individuals’ experiences, motivation, and values. Using principles of positive psychology to challenge limiting beliefs, promote deeper awareness and optimize performance. Applying years of corporate experience to help executives strengthen skills and discover leadership solutions.

Past: Corporate officer for multi-trillion dollar financial services firm. Led organizations of hundreds of employees. Specialization in HR as senior business partner for 1500 employees. Partnered with C-suite for executive talent assessment and development. Helped lead creation of Asian and Black employee resource groups.

Future: Will live on the coast of Maui, meditate at sunrise, own a pancake café and study metaphysics while relaxing on the beach.

Mary Havern

True partner | curious observer | strategy stickler | hostess with the mostest | singer | organizer | food creator | baby of four | mom of two | wife to a chatterbox | volleyball lover | researcher | golfer


Current: Life-line to HR teams and making them look really good. Supporting business growth through talent strategy and programming. Challenging leaders and teams to think differently, discover new insights and elevate relationships and workplaces. Energizing teams to do better than they thought possible.

Past: internal talent and change consultant tirelessly pushing the envelope to reframe how executives think about leadership, teller with a perfect balance record, semi-professional singer, data analyst and Excel guru, smiling and dialing talent sourcer, traveler, French speaker

Future: Will host the best cocktail parties you’ve ever seen full of interesting people, travel the world, and enjoy company with my grown kids without lifting a finger for them.

Dafna Hayman

Champion of humans | performance optimizer | relationship builder I promoter of self awareness I mom of dancing diva, ninja warrior and soccer prince | former Israeli military air-force commander | kettlebell fanatic


Current: Helping leaders incorporate personal development into their team culture, creating safe environments for direct and honest conversations that facilitate growth. Using mind & body as an integrated approach to change that promotes self-empowerment and develops self-efficacy through reaching physical and mental goals. Ongoing student of behavioral change.

Past: Airforce commander of newly enlisted soldiers in the Radar Control unit, spent days and nights defending artists’ copyright infringements and participating in police raids of  bootleg factories  as an intellectual property lawyer, passionately supported thousands of strength coaches, administrators and members as a general manager in the fitness industry, converted die-hard couch potatoes to physically and mentally empowered beings, athletes and fitness enthusiasts as the proprietor of a fitness coaching business..

Future: Will live in a hut on the beach eating chocolate and advocating for women’s and babies’ maternity leave rights. Will establish the first ever Kettlebell Police, an army whose mission is to teach people how to use them properly.

Aimee Horowitz

Infectious pioneer | people lover | research geek | expert excavator | wife to high-school sweetheart | mom to 2 kids + elderly parents + 1 dog | food snob | dancer

Current: Using curiosity and counsel to help leaders cement their success. Cultivating teams who harness, rather than succumb to, the power of the group. Demystifying what makes us tick, embrace new change, and ignite steep growth when it’s time to catalyze others. And designing inclusive work places that we can’t wait to pass on to loved ones.

Past: Empowered people to thrive through marriage, life and career opportunities, developed radical people strategies by melding best findings with political gambles, won awards for cultural evolutions, put more equity, connection, and fun into work.

Future: Will live in Pasadena, chair Planned Parenthood, hike every day, and write a book about the power of letters.

Claudia Levy

Executive and leadership Coach and Trainer / weekend peasant and mountaineer / avid languages learner / travel lover / mom of two teenaged passionate boys / proud cook / four nationalities represented in our family of four / lifelong student of human behaviors

Current: Inspiring and enabling leaders to communicate more effectively, identify their behavioral tendencies, build more effective leadership styles and develop stronger relationships through tailored coaching and highly interactive, fun and practical training. Actively listening, challenging empathetically, and creating safe spaces for self-reflection and mutual learning to support leaders in their journeys as they develop the best version of themselves.

Past: As a strategy consultant advised national governments and public organizations and consulted to corporate clients in multiple industries and geographies. Led HR operations and talent development initiatives at a multinational company for more than 12 years. Intervened in high stakes situations requiring sensitivity and keen understanding of issues around culture, gender, religion and race. Studied Languages, Political Sciences and Literature. Coming out of university started a company offering language and relocation related services for foreigners in Colombia, my home country. Did multiple long backpacking trips around the world and lived in eight different countries until finally settling in Madrid

Future: Will never stop traveling. Will write a novel. Will design and build together with my husband a bio-dynamic farm where we will grow our own food and host big gatherings with our kids, grandkids and friends.



Learning innovator | design thinker | risk taker | mom & wife of hockey players | daughter of teachers | BC superfan | Maine-iac

Current: Shattering corporate learning and development stereotypes through creative, experiential designs.  Inspiring and equipping the next generation of leaders. Riding shotgun with founders and startup CEOs to create employee experiences as inspirational as their ideas and technology. Channeling her inner b-school professor occasionally as a guest speaker or facilitator. Expert tour guide to leaders and executives navigating their careers.

Past: Wired hundreds of millions of dollars daily, ran international exchange programs, was loved and hated as a management consultant staffer, booked rock stars as leadership program guest speakers, and transformed Malibu hikes into classroom experiences. 

Future: Will live in California, renovate houses, and be the president of a sparkling wine club.


nerd | Michigan native | father | husband | leader | amateur designer

Current: Helping executives hone their leadership, management, and personal practices. Leverages experience as a business leader to understand the context in which executives find themselves. Pushes leaders to articulate what matters to them most as a full human being. Has fun while coaching.

Past: Consultant at McKinsey, creator of new products and businesses, board member of schools and education nonprofits, someone with enough time to workout.  

Future: Taking a sabbatical every year, getting a Ph.D. just because, writing a book.


Leadership Coach & facilitator | bookworm | single mom of two loud kids| crusher of patriarchy and supremacy | extremely competitive Scrabbler | confused and happy Canadian-Indian immigrant

Current: Challenges clients to understand who they are and who they are meant to be by naming, pushing, and stretching their boundaries. Takes a “no excuses” approach by encouraging people to speak their truth and own their voice. Facilitates hard conversations with care, and tenderly finds the grains of wisdom in conflict. Calls forth issues of identity, position, power, and privilege. Confronts and minimizes limiting beliefs while amplifying and strengthening empowering beliefs. Leads evocative workshops.

Past: Quintessential Ivy-league academic relentlessly pursuing grant opportunities, career advisor to MBA students, triathlete, Indian classical dancer, aerobics instructor, and writing tutor.

Future: Will swim 2 miles a day in my backyard limitless pool, raise a glass with the likes of Jacinda Ardern, write for Teen Vogue, talk to a psychic, and send absurd sums of money to meet my college-going kids’ tuition demands.


Leadership student | forever learner | husband of prankster| twin brother of hero | leader of teams| weekend Vermonter | smiling, laughing, goofball

Current: Pushing people to their learning edge through direct, analytical approach to executive coaching. Offers radically candid observations and asks difficult questions in a supportive, empathetic relationship. Can be a best friend and challenging thought partner at the same time. Delivers engaging, clear, interactive, and fun leadership development workshops and content.

Past: Financial analyst inventing creative ways to use Excel to solve any problem, strategy consultant, Head of HR for public biotech, athlete, member of a rock band, married college sweetheart.

Future: Will live in VT, coach young men on issues of identity and masculinity, and be the old “has-been” on a rec-league hockey team.


Innovative designer | story teller | daydreamer | magic creator | boss-lady | taskmaster | food lover | beach bum | wife | mom to twin toddlers | sleep lover

Current: Creating memorable moments and empowered leaders.  Designing and delivering experiential development for leaders at all levels. Enabling leaders and their teams to achieve peak performance.  

Past: Former in-house organizational development specialist,  8 year frequent flier as a consultant, student of business and leadership with the Monitor Group. Slingin’ fried food in the formative years laid the foundation for who I am today.

Future: Will make all those day dreams come true!