Success Stories
Executive Coaching Client

Executive Team Coaching Client


A new team of previously siloed leaders was struggling to come together. Each worked well with the team leader but not one another. Their leader reached out to HAVEN hoping to improve connection and functioning within this team.


Change was required but time was in high demand. So, HAVEN began by embedding a series of small trust-building activities into business-as-usual team meetings to promote connection. HAVEN also conducted Partnership Coaching [LINK] for 2 team members whose work together would have a cascading impact on others. Following, HAVEN conducted an exercise where each team member identified one tweak they were going to make and the support they’d require from the team to do so – and tracked results with the team. Lastly, HAVEN recommended a tweaked organizational chart and team charter to reinforce shared accountability and objectives.


Through ongoing measurement, the team saw a 20-point improvement in their trust index but perhaps more importantly, the team exceeded their shared goals by year-end. As well, the leadership team was recognized (and rewarded) as exemplar against country peers.


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