Success Stories

HR Advisory Client

The Brief

After three VP resignations within two months, the CEO of a 30-person biotech contacted HAVEN to better understand their culture.

The CEO needed to understand what was working and what needed to change.

Approach and Results

A HAVEN advisor met with every employee (1:1 or in focus groups) and presented a comprehensive culture and engagement report to the executive team. Following the report, three strategic initiatives were launched:

  1. HAVEN built and implemented a more structured approach to performance management, ensuring employees were getting feedback and knew where they stood,
  2. 360’s were conducted for the managers, allowing direct reports to openly share their experience, and allowing HAVEN to better understand what skills needed to be built across the manager population,
  3. a goal setting process was implemented to both clarify the most urgent priorities, and to remove less urgent work from plates. HAVEN’s role with the organization has evolved over more than two years of partnership, but the course of the work is still set by the evolving needs of the employees, leadership, and teams.

Don’t Settle for Good, 

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