Dr. Priya Nalkur

Priya Nalkur, EdD

bookworm | single mom of two loud kids| crusher of patriarchy and supremacy | extremely competitive Scrabbler | confused and happy Canadian-Indian immigrant

Current: Challenging clients to understand who they are and who they are meant to be by naming, pushing, and stretching their boundaries. Taking a “no excuses” approach by encouraging people to speak their truth and use own their voice. Facilitating hard conversations with care and tenderly finding the grains of wisdom in conflict. Calling forth issues of identity, position, power, and privilege. Confronting and minimizing limiting beliefs while amplifying and strengthening empowering beliefs. Leading evocative workshops.

Past: Quintessential Ivy-League academic who relentlessly pursued grant opportunities. Career advisor to MBA students, triathlete, Indian classical dancer, aerobics instructor, and writing tutor.

Future: Will swim 2 miles a day in my backyard limitless pool, raise a glass with the likes of Jacinda Ardern, write for Teen Vogue, talk to a psychic, and send absurd sums of money to meet my college-going kids’ tuition demands.