David Howe

travel lover | amateur chef and professional diner | husband to a nonprofit leadership maven | recent empty nester | father to two amazing young men | avid cyclist | explorer of musical genres

Current: Delivers pragmatic people, organizational and leadership solutions to improve the business performance of high-growth companies.  Develops and implements HR strategies and programs.  Advises and accelerates the impact of new CHROs.  Builds HR team capabilities and performance.  Current Governance Chair and Past Board Chair for two social service nonprofits.

Past: 27 years of Fortune 50 HR experience.  Led Talent Management and Leadership Development globally.  HR Business Partner to $19B division.  Led HR portions of major corporate merger.  Led global transformation of the HR function.  Avid outdoorsman including wilderness adventures in Canada’s Northwest Territories.  Music director for my university’s first a cappella singing group.

Future: Will travel the world with my bride and wife of 25+ years, and will create a pipeline of Human Resources leaders onto nonprofit boards.