Development Programs

Transformative experiences that break the mold


When your people leaders succeed, the ripple impacts your entire organization. But there’s a disconnect in the way most companies approach leadership development and manager skill building. With more than 120 years of leadership development experience and over 5000 executive coaching hours logged, our expert faculty and coaches take an experience-first approach to leadership development combining immersive and interactive classroom-style engagements with real-world application and hardcore metrics that prove we’re moving the needle. The result? Confident and equipped leaders and an engaged, productive and successful workforce.

Explore our three tracks to develop your leaders:


Haven’s New Manager Program
Offered in-house to groups of 10 or more, or as an open-enrollment program


Haven’s Manager/Director Program
Our flagship product, catering to the needs of experienced managers.

For groups of 15, offered as a 2-day offsite or in a series of six 2-hour modules.


Haven’s VP and Executive Program
Custom designed to meet the specific needs of leadership and executive teams.

“The Haven team transformed the way we approach leadership development. Their knowledge, creativity, flexibility and thorough understanding of the real challenges people leaders face in a high-growth environment shined through every interaction. Our leaders who attended the program came back from every program energized, motivated and with new skills to help their team succeed, and the impact has reverberated through the entire company.”

– Ali Cooper, AppFolio

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