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We’ve spent years perfecting our in-person experiences and recently, hundreds of hours retrofitting our content for virtual delivery.
  • Virtual learning requires a carefully choreographed rhythm, and we’ve mastered it
  • Virtual learning should happen in 1- or 2-hour increments, never sitting for more than an hour
  • Virtual learning longer than an hour deserves a co-host– listening to any one of us talk for more than an hour isn’t nearly as engaging as listening to two of us
  • The virtual world requires more effort to really connect with participants, and even more effort to help participants connect with each other– but we’re making it happen
  • We can still bring the fun, even over Zoom or Teams
  • Virtual learning levels the playing field for participants in different geographies. We’re running programs for audiences from San Francisco to Tel Aviv. If only we could all be on the same time zone
  • Our programs still feel like leadership experiences, even virtually, combining field work and peer coaching with facilitator led learning. See our design approach HERE.
  • Credibility matters, now more than ever as many firms are offering virtual content. We are incredibly proud that 95% of our clients hire us multiple times for leadership development and coaching.

Explore our three tracks to develop your leaders:


All-employee development
(leaders and individual contributors)

Embedding capabilities
(train the trainer or
train the coach) programs

“The Haven team transformed the way we approach leadership development. Their knowledge, creativity, flexibility and thorough understanding of the real challenges people leaders face in a high-growth environment shined through every interaction. Our leaders who attended the program came back from every program energized, motivated and with new skills to help their team succeed, and the impact has reverberated through the entire company.”

– Ali Cooper, AppFolio

“The program really simplifies communication strategies and helps me reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses as a leader/communicator.  I wish I had joined sooner as I think it will help me become a better manager.  The faculty are awesome, knowledgeable, and super engaging on Zoom (which is quite difficult to achieve).   I think the mixture of the polls, breakout sessions, Q&A and presentations is a great combination.  The 2 hour sessions go by very quickly.“

-Brian Jordan, LiquiGlide

“I have been thinking CONSTANTLY about the lessons I learned from the program.  My project with 7 parallel workstreams ongoing and it absolutely would not have happened successfully had I not learned the principles from your program.”

-Ariel Brown, Sage Therapeutics

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